Custom Built Homes In East Texas

Compared to the rest of Texas, East Texas is known for it's tall pine trees and other different geographical aspects. From North East Texas down to South, you'll find swamps, various types of dirt, and several other interesting landscape differences.

With it, comes beautiful land that could be perfect for your dream home.

Our contacts in the East Texas area who provide land for sale in Nacogdoches TX and other counties have given us some background on the landscape.

The Piney Woods as it's known has great land for farmers and vegetation, some areas more so than others. The pine trees grow tall, and allow for shrubs, vines and other grasses to grow underneath. But it's also got the land perfect for farming and homebuilding. 

The many styles of homes throughout the South are prominent in East Texas, especially the ever popular farmhouse. Traditionally a home built on agricultural land for the owner, is now a popular style even on small and non-farming properties. Now very modern and elegant, farmhouses are quite common for custom home builders in the East Texas region.

You'll find plenty of older style, and remodeled homes throughout East Texas as well. But the price of land compared to other regions of Texas has made it an area for locals and families alike to consider a new custom home.

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