Fence Staining

It's that time of the year, and depending on what part of the country you live in, you probably could use some fresh stain for your fence due to the summer sun...or to prepare for a harsh winter.

Our Austin fence staining friends have given us a few tips that your local company can help you with.

Protection, Protection, Protection.

A newly installed fence, or repaired fence, should be stained and protected immediately. Consider waterproof based stains to prolong the life of your fence. The last thing you need is for your new, and probably expensive fence, to deteriorate quicker than it should.

Treating a fence is not a glamorous or easy process, which is why we always recommend checking your local fencing companies for a quote and have the work done by a pro. Professional services will be able to provide with countless color options and sealant options, saving you another headache.


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  7. A fence requires a lot of labor to stain, so choosing a stain that will last as long as possible is crucial. Water-based and oil-based are the two basic types. Each has benefits and drawbacks. Water-based dyes work well to permeate the fence while enabling it to breathe. Any moisture that has been trapped inside the wood will thus escape. Additionally, water-based stains have deeper, brighter looks, and are often far less offensive due to their low volatile organic compound (VOC) concentration. Additionally, water-based stains may be used over earlier oil finishes. Oil-based stains don't penetrate as effectively but might remain longer because to the additional layer of protection they provide.

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