The Power of Reviews

 In this day and age, business almost live and breath by the reviews that they receive. Especially online businesses and small or local business. Google Listings and Google reviews are one of the most popular ways for the every day person to understand a business and if it is someone that they would like to work with.

Amazon is the best use case to look at. And it's really pretty simple. 

The products that don't have many reviews, won't be seen as much. And of course bad or negative reviews is another killer in general. But if you're looking at two similar products, and one has 500 reviews and the other has 5 reviews...which one are you buying?

Probably the one with the most reviews, because you know it's been purchased more and more people like it. Again...pretty simple.

But same goes for local business like grandfather clock repair Raleigh NC. Small companies that are offering services as their means to make money. And without customer reviews it's more difficult to grow, and in some cases, stay in business.

Which is why if you're a small business owner, it's very important to have an email system to follow up with your customers after a purchase to ask for a review. Don't be afraid of asking for it, your business and products could depend on it!

What Is Marriage Counseling?

 Marriage counseling, which can also be called couples therapy (you don't have to be married to take advantage of what counseling with a trained professional can provide), is a type of psychotherapy. It helps you and your companion to recognize, but also resolve conflicts or prevent conflicts.

It's highly recommended when seeking out a therapist, to find a licensed therapist known for their skills in marriage and couples counseling. Many will be members of the AAMFT (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy).

There are all sorts of variations of counseling, but marriage counseling is normally known to be short term, or at least limited in sessions. More often than not, those that are seeking counsel are trying to find help for one particular issue or reason why they may have problems at home. Once identified, it can be easy to treat and work on them outside of the counseling office.

Options and techniques for marriage counseling Keller TX for example can be composed of a variety of modalities. Open discussions is of course the primary source of counseling, to talk through current and potential problems. Role playing or role modeling is popular as well so the counselor as well as the couples can get a sense of negative patterns in the relationship.

The first sessions can be a little quiet and awkward, and even apprehensive to be there in the first place. It's important for all parties to keep an open mind, and level head through these times of counseling. The goal is to always resolve the current issue, pride must be set aside for the greater good.

While it can definitely seem intimidating to start, remember there is a reason why you signed up, and remember that you are seeing a trained professional for help.

First sessions are normally basic, covering ground rules, boundaries, and other elements to set table for expectations. It's very important that the counselor understand each person, and understand the issues for what they are seeing assistance.

The end result and the ability to resolve the conflict could come quicker than expected. It's common for an issue to solely be around communication. You lover your partner or spouse, buy maybe you just don't have the ability or understanding on how to communicate your thoughts and love.

Do yourself a favor and do some research on professional therapists in your area. And you of course don't wait until there's an actual conflict within your marriage. A lot of couples enjoy counseling early on, and as happy couples just to extend the communication. 

What You Need To Know About Gutters

 We all know that our roofs can be an expensive adventure if you need repair or replacement. But we too often forget that our gutters need to be maintained and cleaned. They need to be properly cleaned to prevent clogs, especially if your home is under trees with falling debris.

For those that live in regions with heavy rains (think Spring thunderstorms in the South), is important to have a sturdy gutter system to withstand the strong wings and heavy rain. Your local roofing company or gutter specialist will be able to go over the different types of gutters for you. Aluminum is the most common option that we see, but something like galvanized steel may be best to withstand stronger weather. 

It's also vital to keep your existing gutters maintained and cleaned. Regardless of how old your system is, it's probably best to have a professional come out for continuous cleaning. Not only will they be able to clean out debris and help prevent clogs, but they will also be able to spot potential issues and repairs to ensure you have no future/extensive damage. As well as verifying the proper flow of water through the gutters and downspouts. Gutters Tyler TX is an expert in the field of proper gutter installation and such cleanings.

You could also consider adding rain barrels for collection, as well as French drains below to help with the water runoff. It's obvious that we want to make sure water is controlled off the roof through the gutters, but don't forget about where the water goes afterwards. Ensuring proper drainage and runoff will help prevent damage to the ground (soil erosion) and your entire structure. 

The repairs again are not something we normally think of, until it's too late and you have a rainwater leak and you start to see damage to the house or landscaping. 

We strongly recommend considering adding gutter guards to your current, or next gutter system. A preventive measure to help with debris, clogs and also pests from getting into your gutters.

Contact a local company to learn more about not only your current gutter system and repair options, but to learn about your region and possibly some tips to help prevent possible damage to your roof, gutters, and home.

DIY Plumbing

There several elements around plumbing that can be done by the average DIYer. Let's be honest, any way that we can figure out how to save money...we'll probably do it. So saving a couple hundred dollars by investigating why your bathroom faucet is leaking, could be an easy fix.

Obviously here, if there's a plumbing aspect that involves larger pipe issues, tearing through your walls or's better off to leave that to a professional. But a clogged drain or running toilet? Why not at least take a look yourself first to see if you can avoid calling the local plumber? 5 or 10 minutes of your time, even if it's a little dirty, may put those extra hundred back in your pocket.

Here are a few small plumbing jobs that are common for a normal homeowner to consider doing themselves. 

1. Clogged drains: Perhaps the most common plumbing issue. Clogged drains can happen in the shower or sink from too much debris (hair for example), or just generally clog up over time. Plungers can actually help like they do with toilets, but the most common go to for clogs is a liquid cleaner. These can be purchased from any store, and can also be made at home (baking soda + vinegar + water). 

It's important to remember, if you're going the liquid cleaner route, to not go overboard. This is a corrosive substance that over time can damage your pipes if used too frequently.

2. Leaky faucets: What's more annoying than that constant dripping noise coming from one of your faucets? It's important to not let these drips continue for a lengthy time. Not only for your sanity, but for your wallet. Leaking faucets are a key element for having a higher water bill.

More often than not, a leaking faucet can be fixed by simply replacing the rubber washer. You do have to turn the water off and remove the faucet head, but as long as you have the proper tools this is not a difficult task.

3. Garbage disposals: A jammed up garbage disposal can be a little scary to be honest. Nobody wants to put their hand down there, we've all seen those scary movies. But it's still a common occurrence for them to get jammed. Sometimes it's really a non-issue and could be a power problem that can be resolved by checking your breaker, or by using the reset button available on the disposal itself. 

There are plenty of other elements like replacing your shower heads that an average homeowner can fix or repair themselves. So next time take a quick look and consider doing it yourself! BUT, always be cautious and if there's a hint of uncertainty do some research online or go ahead and call your local
plumber Allen TX
professional to get the job done.

It's Your Wedding Day...You Deserve A Limo!

There's always plenty of reasons why you may want to rent a limousine. A stretch limo for your kids during prom season, a simple night out on the town with your spouse, picking up that big client for a meeting from the airport, etc. But, the most popular occasion for a limo? You probably already guessed...a couple getting married.

It's almost a cliché tradition these days. You just had your special day, and now you're off to the hotel or airport for your honeymoon. But, cliché doesn't mean bad! In this case it's still not only fun and enjoyable, but actually it's probably needed.

Let me tell you a quick story. My wife and I got married 13 years ago now (I think). We had a limo reserved to take us from our venue to our hotel for the night. When it was time for the reception to end and for us to leave...the limo was no where to be found. They messed up and didn't show, and now we had to figure out to get to our hotel 45 miles away. Luckily we had great friends that were able to take us in a nice SUV. BUT, the stress and panic it caused for that short period of time was not fun.

It's the majority of the calls and requests that our Frisco limo friends receive. Finding a dependable company is vital for basically everything for a service you need. But take it from me, it's not fun to be waiting on a limo that never comes. 

Read the reviews and talk to them before making your decision and booking, but do yourself a favor and get it taken care of in advance so you can rest and enjoy your special day!

Custom Built Homes In East Texas

Compared to the rest of Texas, East Texas is known for it's tall pine trees and other different geographical aspects. From North East Texas down to South, you'll find swamps, various types of dirt, and several other interesting landscape differences.

With it, comes beautiful land that could be perfect for your dream home.

Our contacts in the East Texas area who provide land for sale in Nacogdoches TX and other counties have given us some background on the landscape.

The Piney Woods as it's known has great land for farmers and vegetation, some areas more so than others. The pine trees grow tall, and allow for shrubs, vines and other grasses to grow underneath. But it's also got the land perfect for farming and homebuilding. 

The many styles of homes throughout the South are prominent in East Texas, especially the ever popular farmhouse. Traditionally a home built on agricultural land for the owner, is now a popular style even on small and non-farming properties. Now very modern and elegant, farmhouses are quite common for custom home builders in the East Texas region.

You'll find plenty of older style, and remodeled homes throughout East Texas as well. But the price of land compared to other regions of Texas has made it an area for locals and families alike to consider a new custom home.

Central Texas...A Great Place To Live

 It's not a surprise any longer that Austin is still one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. For good reason.

The tech industry has absolutely exploded, and many have found a new home and headquarters in Austin. As have those younger families, who need a city that offers it all.

But Austin isn't the only prize of the area. Central Texas is known for it's beautiful Hill Country landscape and charming small towns. From Llano and Burnet down to San Marcos and Wimberley. There's plenty of Wimberley real estate in fact that more and more people are moving to the Hill Country and commuting into the city for daily work and entertainment. 

There's no shortage of things to do, just minutes away from Austin, you're able to spend the day in the city for every need. While being able to call the small, slower lifestyle towns your home. Weekend trips to Fredericksburg for winery visits are is a popular getaway for all ages.

Swimming holes are plentiful, among the gorgeous lakes and small rivers.

Do yourself a favor and find time to visit a few Central Texas towns. The small town vibes are an excellent way to relax with the family and enjoy some different cultures.

Fence Staining

It's that time of the year, and depending on what part of the country you live in, you probably could use some fresh stain for your fence due to the summer sun...or to prepare for a harsh winter.

Our Austin fence staining friends have given us a few tips that your local company can help you with.

Protection, Protection, Protection.

A newly installed fence, or repaired fence, should be stained and protected immediately. Consider waterproof based stains to prolong the life of your fence. The last thing you need is for your new, and probably expensive fence, to deteriorate quicker than it should.

Treating a fence is not a glamorous or easy process, which is why we always recommend checking your local fencing companies for a quote and have the work done by a pro. Professional services will be able to provide with countless color options and sealant options, saving you another headache.

Roofing Tips...Use A Pro

The roof on your home is a vital aspect to your dwelling. Regardless of it's age, it's important to always pay attention to what shape it is in. Especially after any severe storms. If you can see any shingles's time to call a professional roofing service to come out for an inspection. The last thing you need to do is ignore it, only for the minor issue to become a real problem.

In today's age, our DIY community is huge. So if you're sure you want to inspect to roof yourself, here are some helpful tips:

  • Use a water hose to check for leaks.
  • Check the valleys of the roof, a common spot for a leak.
  • Look for missing shingles.
  • Look for cracks. A crack can lead to big time issues.
  • Take your time. Getting on the roof is dangerous.
  • Check your gutters.
As lastly mentioned, always check your gutters for clogs. This is one of the leading causes for roof leaks. Our roofing San Antonio friends have told us this is a big emphasis on their business. Regularly scheduling gutter cleanings is an important piece to prolonging your roof.

Different parts of the country will have different weather patterns that will play a huge factor in the longevity of your roof. We suggest calling a local service for tips in your area.

The Power of Reviews

 In this day and age, business almost live and breath by the reviews that they receive. Especially online businesses and small or local busi...